Invaders Now Dictating the Narrative


By Enza Ferreri

If this is not the essence of colonialism … I don’t know what is. A bunch of NON-British pontificating on what the core values of Britain are … or should be.

We have here — on a BBC programme —  one of the endless series of debates on what is Britishness that have been part of the UK public discourse only since the arrival on these shores of vast numbers of people belonging to the ethnic, religious and geographic groups represented by most the debaters in this video.

[Note how the “proverbial elephant” in the room — RACE — is carefully avoided by almost everybody.]

Can you imagine 60, 100, 200 years ago, people having discussions on what Britishness was?  Everybody knew what it was … untilmass, uncontrolled immigration from the Third-World started in the last few decades … and has not…

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