Who Pays Taxes and Who Do NOT


It’s a pattern repeating itself across America – Black and brown (Hispanic) people not paying taxes, not paying property taxes, being net drains on the system; hundreds of thousands of tax dollars going to feed and clothe them, and then producing nothing return.  [See: Black Population Welfare Bomb]

Our system pushes poor and low IQ blacks to breed in order to get free housing. Have 18 children and you never have to worry about housing ever again.

Nowhere is this more evident than Detroit where much of the city simply doesn’t pay their property taxes. The Black county board simply has decided to “look the other way” on these people, thus perpetuating the cycle.

The hard question is — if this is the result of becoming a black and brown nation — why is the US Government pushing it down the throats of the American people, a once successful prosperous…

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