France – 40% Moslem in 15 Years!


(Side-note: Muslim or Moslem?)

By Enza Ferreri

The quotation below is liberally translated from the French from Muslim Immigration to France. You Won’t Be Able to Say You didn’t Know.

I didn’t write it — only translated it — so I cannot provide sources for the data or indeed how they have been arrived at.

Although it’s true that France is prohibited by lawfrom collecting official statistics about its citizens’ race or religion, it’s possible to make estimates based on studies calculating the number of people in France originating from Muslim-majority countries.

Nevertheless, I think that the precise figures should be of less concern than what will become of France, and indeed, what is already happening there. There is no doubt that France is becoming progressively Islamised, and Muslims only need to be a 10%-20% of a country’s population (even less) to try to…

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