Britain’s Immigration Fiasco


A British citizenship ceremony in 2005, at the... A British citizenship ceremony in 2005 at the London Borough of Tower Hamlets. The Mayor (Huh??) of Tower Hamlets is shown.

By Anthony Milne

The problems of multi-culturalism in Britain are now doing enormous harm to the professional classes. Journalists, priests, politicians and professional specialists of all kinds live in perpetual fear that one of the biggest ideological experiments of all time….. getting different races and nationalities to live together in one homeland – will sooner or later break down into vicious sectarianism.

Many parts of the liberal establishment are now becoming extremely uneasy about the reckless and unthinking way in which the Government shows its determination to carry on with its policy of only barely restricted immigration, regardless of what people want or what is in the interests of the nation.

The Government itself, by getting involved in fraudulent immigration scams, is damaging political life, and will lower…

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