European Islamization


By Rabbi Aryeh Spero

What do Muslims do really well? Simple, they multiply in great hordes. And in Europe they are doing that, in spades. And with great numbers comes votes and dominance. France, Germany and Englandis finding that out right now. As the Europeans do NOT have large families they are literally disappearing. In their place comes the unwashed barbarian Muslims.Similar to America where the Mexicans will do the same. And they will conquer, merely by uncontrolled fecundity.

In a recent interview, Prof. Bernard Lewis, famed historian and leading expert on Islam, warned that “Muslims seem to be about to take over Europe.” The irony is that this takeover — be it in 10 years or 30 — is not because Islam has more tanks or better missiles than the Europeans. It is because the minority Islamic populations already living within

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