Diversity Is No Buffet


Sarah – Maid of Albion 

British Foreign Secretary Jack Straw meets wit... British Foreign Secretary — Jack Straw

In 2000, Jack Straw, then (British) Home secretary made the notorious statement that the English as a race have a “propensity for violence and aggression”. There may be some merit to this claim, it is certainly true that the British soldier has a long and well earned reputation as a ferocious fighter.


However, ignoring the accuracy, or otherwise of the statement, and the fact that the English are one of the few races on Earth about whom a Western politician would dare make such a comment, it is an unequivocal acknowledgement that individual racial and cultural characteristics exist, and that some of these characteristics are less than desirable.

This fact that other races might have undesirable characteristics is something which is always ignored by those who sing the “benefits” of diversity and multiculturalism.

Invariably they will…

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