Ripe For “The Taking”


The cover of Irish electronic Passports as of ... IRISH PASSPORT

By Tom Brady

IRISH Police uncover $2.6 million fraud by Foreign ASYLUM SEEKERS

The fraud clampdown was carried out by detectives from the Garda (Irish Police), National Immigration Bureau and social welfare officials under Operation Gull, which combats illegal immigrant activities.


A Nigerian woman who applied for asylum here in 2003 and was granted refugee status in 2005, and who was subsequently found to have a multi-entry visa for the UK, which she sought while living in Lagos. She had previously claimed in her asylum application that she had been forced to flee from Nigeria. She is still living here, in receipt of rent allowance of €1,143 ($1500) a month, plus (welfare) payments of €245.80 ($322) per week.

A Nigerian man was stopped in Belfast on his way to Dublin, had two Nigerian passports, one which gave him permission to live in Ireland and the…

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