France – 40% Moslem in 15 Years!


(Side-note: Muslim or Moslem?)

By Enza Ferreri

The quotation below is liberally translated from the French from Muslim Immigration to France. You Won’t Be Able to Say You didn’t Know.

I didn’t write it — only translated it — so I cannot provide sources for the data or indeed how they have been arrived at.

Although it’s true that France is prohibited by lawfrom collecting official statistics about its citizens’ race or religion, it’s possible to make estimates based on studies calculating the number of people in France originating from Muslim-majority countries.

Nevertheless, I think that the precise figures should be of less concern than what will become of France, and indeed, what is already happening there. There is no doubt that France is becoming progressively Islamised, and Muslims only need to be a 10%-20% of a country’s population (even less) to try to…

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Unraveling Rutland (VT) may help every town in the same boat!

Refugee Resettlement Watch

With mayors like these who needs enemies!

Update: Refugees now a hot topic in gubernatorial race, see here.

Rutland VT map

As I travel around the US meeting with citizens concerned about the UN/US Refugee Admissions Program, patterns are developing and one of those is that there is no doubt that when your town is targeted for a new resettlement site (or expansion of an old one) it is done with the utmost secrecy and very often involves an over-zealous elected official (a mayor or city council member).

I have no time to write before I hit the road again this morning, but I want you to see this!   This should resonate with everyone I’ve met with in 6 states so far.

Rutland, Vermont residents were shocked to learn a couple of months ago that their mayor had quietly “welcomed” the resettlement of 100 Syrians to the town for later this…

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Britain’s Immigration Fiasco


A British citizenship ceremony in 2005, at the... A British citizenship ceremony in 2005 at the London Borough of Tower Hamlets. The Mayor (Huh??) of Tower Hamlets is shown.

By Anthony Milne

The problems of multi-culturalism in Britain are now doing enormous harm to the professional classes. Journalists, priests, politicians and professional specialists of all kinds live in perpetual fear that one of the biggest ideological experiments of all time….. getting different races and nationalities to live together in one homeland – will sooner or later break down into vicious sectarianism.

Many parts of the liberal establishment are now becoming extremely uneasy about the reckless and unthinking way in which the Government shows its determination to carry on with its policy of only barely restricted immigration, regardless of what people want or what is in the interests of the nation.

The Government itself, by getting involved in fraudulent immigration scams, is damaging political life, and will lower…

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New Zealand’s Backward Protocol


Outspoken anti-immigrationDanish People’s Party Member of Parliament Marie Krarup was unimpressed by a “native” welcome accorded her on a recent official trip to New Zealand which she described as a “grotesque” mark of multicultural worship.

Writing in Danish onher blog, Ms Krarup said that she had recently completed an official trip with the Danish parliament’s defence committee to various installations in New Zealand. “And I must say that civilization and its opposite exists there,” she added.

“At a (N.Z.) naval base, we were not greeted with (traditional) handshakes or salutes by uniformed men, which is the norm. No, we were greeted with a Maori dance ritual, by a half-naked man in a grass skirt, who shouted and screamed in Maori.

“He performed strange rituals and stuck his tongue out while we looked on. We were told by a

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European Islamization


By Rabbi Aryeh Spero

What do Muslims do really well? Simple, they multiply in great hordes. And in Europe they are doing that, in spades. And with great numbers comes votes and dominance. France, Germany and Englandis finding that out right now. As the Europeans do NOT have large families they are literally disappearing. In their place comes the unwashed barbarian Muslims.Similar to America where the Mexicans will do the same. And they will conquer, merely by uncontrolled fecundity.

In a recent interview, Prof. Bernard Lewis, famed historian and leading expert on Islam, warned that “Muslims seem to be about to take over Europe.” The irony is that this takeover — be it in 10 years or 30 — is not because Islam has more tanks or better missiles than the Europeans. It is because the minority Islamic populations already living within

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Mental Disorder of White Self-Hatred


By H. Millard


White self-haters

Whites who apologize for being White or who forgive non-White attackers .. often have the Oslo syndrome.

You’ve no doubt seen the stories of Whites forgiving Blacks who tried to kill them because they’re White, and how these beaten-down Whites will often accept the Black bias against Whites. You’ve probably also read about White parents who forgive Blacks who kill the White children of the White parents, and these White parents then say they “understand” and sometimes even befriend the killers of their ownWhite children. Such behaviors on the part of Whites are indicative of the Oslo syndrome.

Today, we see Whites attacked on many different levels in our society.  There is a constant society-wide drumbeatdemonizingWhites. We constantly hear, for example, that Whites haven’t earned what they have and that they only got it because of “

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