More African Refugees To Middle America


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By Brenda Walker

It’s sad to see heartland America saddled with the blowback of Washington (DC) idiocy… in particular the moronic refugee policy. If “refugees” from primitive tribal societies are so wonderful, then why aren’t they resettled in Georgetown?

We know the drill, and have heard it all before…

“I think that diversity brings richness to a community. We learn from those around us,” said Donna Magnuson, director of the refugee and immigration center at Lutheran Social Services, which works with government to help refugees with housing, work, English-language classes and cash assistance.

Magnuson said 650refugees have resettled in Minnehaha County in the past three years; almost all of the arrivals in the past 12 months have come from African nations.

Multi-Cultural Center DirectorQadir Aware (what African hell-hole does he hail from?) estimates the Sioux Falls (South Dakota) area now has more than

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