Truth, Heresy, & Heroes


Portrait of Martin Luther as an Augustinian Monk Portrait of MARTIN LUTHER

[Before reading the essay below,ask yourself this one question. What is the percentage (%) of WHITE people on Earth? Answer.]

Christian Miller

WHITE IDENTITY POLITICS is a form of heresy….. and heresy has grave consequences. 

Advocating White nationalism, or just merely defending Whiteinterests, often results in a loss of social standing.  Moral cowards, amoral sycophants, and racial traitors are often rewarded, while heroes and righteous guardians are demonized.

Pretending that Whites are social constructs, or have no legitimate interests to defend, is accepted and even celebrated in a society infested with anti-White multiculturalism.

White racialists realize that the cornucopia of cultures is designed to excludeany White culture, and the future rainbow of races is actually a muddled mess of miscegenation.  It is a tremendous challenge to remain in steadfast support of the White extended…

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