Suicidal WHITE SOCIETIES All Around The World


Death-Chatterton-LHenry Wallis: “The Death of Thomas Chatterton” – The painting of the poet who died afterhe poisoned himself.
H/T to The West’s Darkest Hour

ByVal Koinen

In my most recent post (here) I provided a brief spintro and a link to a recent essay by Pat Buchanan which examines the deteriorating stature (and prestige, and influence, and power) of American Whitepeople (and particularly of Whitemen).

Since then, I have come across several other articles which drove home numerous related aspects of that same message — the declining vitality and social/political health of our White people here in America, which was once not so long ago, recognized as one of the greatest nations on the planet (and not coincidentally, essentially a White nation).

And not just in America — the degradation of White societies, destruction of White nations, and White

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