White South Africans Denied Jobs




TENS of thousands of skilled Afrikaner (WHITE South African) workers are forced to search for food, and sleep on the streets of Pretoria – the city of their forefathers. With Black-ruled South Africa’s bevy of ANTI-White laws, the ruling A.N.C. (African National Congress) regime DENIES White people ALL the means of survival such as jobs, food-aid, etc. [Just one probable result! -Ed]

image: http://www.censorbugbear.org/wp-content/uploads/2011/08/Homeless-Afrikaners-on-streets-of-Pretoria.jpg

Read more at http://www.censorbugbear.org/agriculture/famine/skilled-boers-denied-work-starve-in-sa-streets#iVvZpEmaphZU7T4k.99

Afrikaner Whites have become strangers and outcasts in their own land. They are denied rights to food-aid, denied government benefits, and especially denied access to the job market.

[More restrictions HERE.]

Just as the Nazis did to the Jews, the modern-day A.N.C. (African National Congress) regime has also created genocidal laws denying Whites all means of survival in South Africa … the land of their birth.


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