Check Your “White Privilege”


By Paul Marchand

I checked your WHITE PRIVILEGE, and I was appalled.


You have the privilege of being hired on merit alone, and the privilege of being fired subjectively (without the NAACP, EEOC, DoJ, SPLC, and a phalanx of extorting-minded lawyers hounding your employer), and the privilege of being reminded daily of how you are responsible for the plight of minorities (now the majority in births in the US), and the privilege of being forced to supply jobs for the “victims” of your oppression, like gays demanding you bake them a wedding cake or else, and the privilege of paying for cops in minority-communities, only to have those communities (whose semi-civilization is being held intact by cops), in conjunction with the leftist media constantly harping about those same cops (you also have the privilege of paying for the entire justice system and incarceration due to the very…

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