Universities – Plummeting High Standards


By The Irish Savant

In an otherwise gloomy landscape the forthcoming demise of American universities (the rancid fountainhead of Cultural Marxism) represents a heart-warming spectacle.

This post addresses it … the main reasons being the tsunami of student debt, collapsing academic standards due to affirmative action admission and staffing policies (Quintavious goes to Harvard), the ever-improving value proposition of Internet learning, and the deteriorating jobs market.

But it gets even better as the CM (Cultural Marxist) Frankenstein now begins to devour its own crazed creators.

With a [steel] bolt through forehead and sparks flying between its electrodes “Frankie” has now got “university” football teams (i.e.violent, illiterate black thugs) determining academic policy and appointments. Yes, recent developments in Mizzou [University of Missouri] (where both the White Chancellor and President were forced out of their jobs) are becoming the rule rather than the…

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