“Special Refugees” Offered Free Access To Canada


From Australian Blogger,OZZIE SAFFA

Canada: LGBT Syrian “refugees” given priority

As you are probably aware by now, Canada lost its marbles a few months ago and elected the most unqualified person to be Prime Minister – Justin Trudeau.

A satellite composite image of Canada.


Trudeau’s father (Pierre) was Canada’s PM from 1968 – 1979, and again from 1980-1984. During his time as PM, Canada experienced inflation, high unemployment and he increased government debt 83%, from $18 billion (to) $200 billion. (See: HERE)

His son, Justin, was elected 2 months ago mainly because of his hair and his charisma. And because he’s a liberal and Canada was clearly tired of having a competent conservative in office, who had paid down the debt, brought down taxes, actually liked Canada and was against the Global Warming nonsense. So … just like TonyAbbott in Australia … Harper had to go, and in…

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