WHITE Americans – An Endangered Species


What’s the percentage (%) of WHITE people on this planet?   ANSWER

H/T http://saboteur365.wordpress.com/

Beautiful blue-eyed white baby--there are not enough of them being born to replace the white population, which is shrinking in absolute numbers;  a white "baby boom" is required if the white race is to not go as extinct as the dinosaur

Jared Taylor from Amren.com


Europe and other European Nations

See Maps and more Videos below


Remember Meika

Meika Jordan


Message To White Americans

Another Message For White America


‘Whiteness’ Studies

One Generation To Go

U.S. Empire In Decline

Will SWEDEN Save Itself?


U.S. White Minority SOON

100, 000, 000 NON-Whites In U.S.A.


San Francisco’s “Racial” Engineering

Criminal Minds & Open Borders

…and fed-up Americans can contact
their representatives HERE

Global Population Growth is Driven By Developing Countries.

Source: United Nations, World Population Prospects: The 2006 Revision (2007).

Check your state and county’s demographic population change HERE.

See Astonishing U.S. Immigration Numbers

Explosive Muslim Population

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