Who’s In Charge, Here?


Flag of the United Kingdom, Union Flag.

Anthony Milne

IMMIGRATION into Britain may now never be stopped, or even controlled because the politicians are the only people who can pass laws on the subject, but have lost too much power and influence.

In The New Élites — George Walden maintains that Britain is now in a Soviet-type grip of professional egalitarians whose power base lies in commerce, culture and the media. They can now control virtually all of public life. They are extremely mediocre in their abilities, and indeed brag about their ordinariness, but behind their anti-elitist rhetoric lies the old urge to dominate which is as powerful as that of their aristocratic forebears.


As Walden points out, the élites have always dominated mass societies, and there is a large academic literature on the subject. But in the past there was always a struggle between competing élites with opposing ideas. Britain’s new élites, are instead… virtually…

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