To Recognize Racial Differences


William Robertson Boggs


What is the price of refusing to acknowledge racial differences?

It is as simple, and as staggering as this: America will never solve its racial problems. [Nor will Canada with its’ own recently IMPORTED multi-racial problems]

The most immediate problem is that Blacks, and to a lesser extent, Hispanics, are failing in disproportionate numbers. If we are to believe that all races are equally talented and hard-working, then the failures of Blacks and Hispanics cannot be their own fault. They can only be the fault of White people.

Therefore every time a NON-white takes drugs, goes on welfare or commits a crime, it is a silent indictment of “racist” White people, past and present. It cannot be otherwise IF all races have the same natural potential.

Because our society has turned its back on the real causes of Blackfailure

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