Whiny Black Quota Students Demand More


Black Students

by Jeff Davis

An article from The College Fix tells us: “Black college students across the country have demanded that they be segregated from white peers, calling for ‘safe spaces’ on campuses meant only for so-called students of color.”

“The requests for segregated spaces are found among some of the demand lists put forth by students who took part in protests this fall alleging their campuses are oppressive, discriminatory, and represent institutionalized racism.”

You don’t suppose the students who are making these demands aren’t exactly the best students. I’m guessing there aren’t any serious majors like engineers or medical students. Instead, I suspect these are typically “Black studies” or “Latino studies” majors, who got into these universities on racial quotas, and who are having a hard time maintaining the minimum GPA.

The article continues “The demands have been presented to campus administrators and are chronicled by TheDemands.org a website run…

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