Grim Job Prospects for Canada’s Youth


By PaxCanadiana

Français : icône pour articles sur le cananda

If Canada’s Youth Want A Future, They Need To Be ‘Red Pilled’* On IMMIGRATION.

From the “when a better life for you means a worse life for usfiles.

The Huffington Post reports:

 “Hovering around 16.9 per cent in 2012, Ontario’s youth jobless rate ‘rivaled that of Michigan’s, and was higher than Indiana, Minnesota, Ohio, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin,’ said the CCPA.

Supposedly, economically-weaker Quebec had a far lower youth jobless rate in 2012 — 13.7 per cent, the report found. {…}

The difference in unemployment rates between youth and adults in the province is the largest it’s ever been, the report found. {…} Perhaps surprisingly, Toronto comes off particularly badly in the report. The percentage of youth with a job in Canada’s largest city is 43.5% … the lowest of any region in the province. Toronto also has the largest gap between…

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