Immigrants Profit From Gullible Canadians


From Immigration Watch Canada

Exploiting Canada All The Way To The Bank [Full Article]


[…] 25 organizations to which Citizenship and Immigration has given grants or contributions in the name of multiculturalism. The grants (FREE Taxpayer Money) are probably close to $1 Billion per year ($1,000,000,000) […]

[…] In Canada, immigration has become a large industry which feeds off government and the majority population.The people who get these grants want to perpetuate the current grants by maintaining current immigration levels, or to increase their grants substantially by increasing immigration. A significant number of recent immigrants are employed in the immigration industry—often because the unnecessary competition they have created has resulted in them being unable to find jobs in legitimate industries. […]

[…] It is extremely obvious that Ottawa (Canada’s capital city) pays no attention to the consequences of its immigration policies on

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