Suppressed Post-War History


Starving Refugee Children

By James Bacque

As soon as World War II ended in 1945, Canada and the United States began shipping food to the hundreds of millions of people who were facing starvation as a result of the war.

Unprecedented in world history, this massive program fulfilled the highest ideals for which the Western Allies had fought. Their generosity seemed to have no limit. They fed former enemies — Italy and Japan — as well as a new enemy, the Soviet Union.

Only Germany was left out!

[Above Photo: A British nurse in Berlin helps 3 GERMAN refugee children expelled from an orphanage in Danzig, now Gdansk. The boy on the left, aged 9 yrs. old, weighs 40lbs and is too weak to stand. The boy in the center, aged 12 yrs. old, weighs just 46lbs, and his eight-year old sister, right, weighs 37lbs

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