Feminisim’s Negative Consequences


TumblrWhat Feminism has done:

1. It has made men less likely to get a job as a cop or fireman. Despite being bigger, stronger and more capable of dealing with physical threats, employment-equity (affirmative action) requires that less capable women are hired before men. I am especially comforted by the ones who are 5’ 2’’, 130 lbs with painted nails and mascara. I’ve seen several of them. They make me feel so safe.

(Also see: Toronto Police Losing “Face”)

2. It has given teenage girls reproductive freedom and sexual equality to males. As a result, our society is rampant with single baby-mothers, my children’s school is full of troubled children who grow up deprived of a father’s guidance, and our jails are full of angry, fatherless young criminal men.

3. It has made me appreciate my stay-at-home mom-wife 1000% more. I see my buddies rush to make breakfast…

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Economic Plan of Germany’s NSDAP


Transcript of ANOTHER video HERE.

Historian Rodney Martin of the World View Foundation narrates an English translation of the Germany’s National Socialist Economic Plan (1932) to rescue and restore Germany’s economy so to:

— Put the German population back to work — to increase production and prosperity for the people — to halt usury, exploitation, foreign speculation and interference in the economy — and to increase independence, etc.



Colour Photos of a prosperous and care-free 1930s Berlin under command of the NSDAP … while Britain and the United States were still suffering in the midst of the great economic depression.

Mr. Martin simultaneously compares and contrasts what happened in the Weimar Republic with what is happening in the USA in 2012.

Website: http://wvfoundations.org/

A copy of the English translation of this document can be downloaded here in pdf format



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“First They Came To Remove Old, White Guy”



By Joe Warmington, Toronto Sun

Peel police board shakeup ripped

Laurie Williamson

“First they came to remove old, white guy” (my emphasis) Laurie Williamson as chair of the Peel Police Services Board because of his support for police checks.

Now they have “fired” the board’s executive director and his assistant without cause. (my emphasis)

Fred Biro


Who’s next?

“I am worried they could be coming next for the chief,” (my emphasis) said Williamson. “God knows because so much of what the board does now is done in secret.”

Jennifer Evans, Police Chief

While Williamson still has an appointment on the board, he was not chosen again to be its chair in a vote in January.

And he says he was “stunned” with the dismissal of board executive director Fred Biro over a number of things, including disagreements over street checks.

Williamson says he would like to have…

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Never Surrender!


By Vanishing American II

No political correctness
Ban Political Correctness

Some Pushback?

It seems that no corner of the Internet is safe from the PC vigilantes out there. There are those politically correct pharisees who are ever ready to take offense at something said, or something not said; to be insulted or outraged at images that are shown and by the lack of images. Example in real life: a reader insinuates that a Tumblr blogger is racist because she ‘only blogs [images of] White people.’ Lack of diversity equals proof of ”racism” in today’s hyper-charged world of political correctness.

The blogger replies in a slightly defensive way about not blogging enough images of ‘diversity’, or perhaps about having too much Whiteness on the blog. As someone on the alt-right pointed out … diversity means ‘fewer White people.’

I was a little dismayed to see…

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Girl, 13, lured and gang raped by 3 men: Toronto police

Remember The 14 Words

Police believe there may be more victims after three men allegedly lured and sexually assaulted a 13-year-old girl in Toronto.
Police say a 19-year-old man made contact with the female teen in July 2015 and managed to lure her into his home a month later.
Once inside, the male suspect and two friends sexually assaulted the girl, police say.
Trian Vassel, 19, of Toronto and Gavin Campbell, 20, of Toronto were arrested in February while in custody for unrelated matters.
They have since been charged with a number of offences including sexual interference, invitation to sexual touching, assault, gang sexual assault and forcible confinement.
Keyon Small, 20, of Toronto was arrested on March 31 and charged with assault, forcible confinement, gang sexual assault, sexual assault on a person under 16.

Girl, 13, lured and gang raped by 3 men: Toronto police

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To Recognize Racial Differences


William Robertson Boggs


What is the price of refusing to acknowledge racial differences?

It is as simple, and as staggering as this: America will never solve its racial problems. [Nor will Canada with its’ own recently IMPORTED multi-racial problems]

The most immediate problem is that Blacks, and to a lesser extent, Hispanics, are failing in disproportionate numbers. If we are to believe that all races are equally talented and hard-working, then the failures of Blacks and Hispanics cannot be their own fault. They can only be the fault of White people.

Therefore every time a NON-white takes drugs, goes on welfare or commits a crime, it is a silent indictment of “racist” White people, past and present. It cannot be otherwise IF all races have the same natural potential.

Because our society has turned its back on the real causes of Blackfailure

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