Homeless in Britain to be fined £1000 whilst Royal Navy rescues self made homeless from the Med

Smash Cultural Marxism


So, they demographically engineer our capital city London so that it is now minority white, they are still allowing thousands of immigrants to arrive daily, and are rescuing thousands more in the Mediterranean who are intending to reach British shores, BUT, if you are homeless you could receive a fine of £1000.

I am struggling to remember ever seeing a non-white who was homeless in Britain, of course there must be some, but the vast majority of homeless people in the UK are white.

It is now an indisputable fact that the British government and other European nations, care more about the plight of foreigners than they do their own people. How is it that a homeless person in the UK can be fined a grand for being homeless, yet our government sees fit to send our navy to rescue the thousands of self made homeless from the Mediterranean? How…

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