Trump from a EuroCanadian Perspective


English: Flag of Canada over country contour F...

by Thomas Jones

A few months ago when (Donald) Trump was beginning his incredible campaign, a minor politician in Vancouver (British Columbia), city councillor Kerry Jang, demanded that the planned Trump Tower in Vancouver have its name changed to signal disapproval of Trump’s “racism”.

VANCOUVER – Trump Tower  will stand at 616 feet when completed this year.

Jangacting as if the Chinese were the new owners of Vancouver — said that Trump was a “bigot” who stood against the Canadian values of “diversity”.

People like Jangdislike any sense of White identity … no matter how implicit it may be. What matters most to the Yin and Jangs is the utilization of Whiteleftist ideas to promote the ethnic interests of Chinese in Canada, a people who come from a most racist culture, yet rarely waste a word about it.

[See: New Chinese Political…

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