Canada Descending Into 3rd-World Status


Changing Canada

From The New Observer

The Canadian government announced that it will increase immigration to record levels next year which will speed up that nation’s descent into Third-World status, and will move the racial tipping point into NONwhite majority status even earlier than the predicted 2040 deadline.

According to a recent statement by (former) Citizenship and Immigration Minister Chris Alexander, Canada aims to import as many as 285,000 new permanent residents in 2015, which, he boasted, was the highest planned total “in recent history.

The last time Canada admitted as many as 280,000 permanent residents was in 2010. Official figures show that nearly 65% of all admissions will be economic immigrants and their dependents.

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The immigrants are overwhelmingly from Third-World nations. According to government figures … of the 257,887 total legal immigrants admitted in ONE YEAR 2012, just 27,000

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