Better To Vote For “The Devil” You Know


Thoughts on the Canadian Election 2015

by Thomas Jones

On October 19, 2015 the Liberal party [of Canada] won a majority government with 184 seats whilst the Conservatives have been reduced to 99 seats, and the NDP (New Democratic Party) has once again become a third party.

Until election day, I assumed that there would be a minority government of some description; possibly NDP or Conservative. (Justin) Trudeau managed to make some impressive gains, however, and has brought his party back from obscurity.

English: Pierre Trudeau speaking at a fundrais...Pierre Trudeau (his late father) is treated like a saint, and his legacy had an impact on the election’s outcome. That, and the general feeling of malaise most Canadians had for a (Stephen)Harper’s near 10-year long reign.

Trudeau also had better style and panache. He had a certain joie de vivre his opponents lacked. The popularity contest aspect of democracy was a major factor in the…

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