Secure Canada’s Borders!


Paul Fromm

It’s been 25 years since a hard-bitten Scottish socialist, feminist, and judicial interventionist Madam Justice Bertha Wilson wrote the Supreme Court ruling that has become known as the “Singh Decision.”

This inspired piece of meddling lunacy granted any scamster who managed to put his little toe on Canadian soil the right to claim “refugee” status. We had to give him an oral hearing and venues for appeal. Even better, the Supremos decided that illegals had all the rights as Canadians.

Thus, a refugee claimant would receive welfare, medicare, dental care (which our own working poor do not get), legal aid, public housing and, of course, English or French and skills training… all at taxpayers’ expense.

Prior to 1985, people flying in making refugee claims numbered in the low hundreds each year. Ever since thousands have poured in each year. The hearings and appeals stretch on…

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