Olde Albion’s Anguish


Albion of England

As a child, lying on a stony beach staring up at the sky on a warm summer’s day prior to WWII, I am sure I would have daydreamed this is how England always was — how it always had been — and how it always will be.

World Cup 2010 England V USA World Cup 2010 — England Vs USA

I read of the past, I was living the present, and as a child, I assumed my future would alter little…. or so I thought. I could not have imagined for a fleeting moment the horrendous changes, that in my lifetime, would beset my country and my tribe.

The very thought of the words “displacement” and “discrimination”, references to my race being in a minority in my own country by the year 2035, the disappearance of the legendary friendliness of the English Bobby on his beat, of threats and intimidation to

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