The CBC – A Traitorous Organization?


From: Immigration Watch Canada

OUR CBC [Canadian Broadcasting Corporation] IS A QUISLING ORGANIZATION

[Quisling – a person or organization that betrays their own nation by aiding and abetting the invading enemy.]

In a pre-Christmas weekly rant, CBC host Rick Mercer compared the plight of Syrian refugees to that of a drowning person who was calling out for help. According to Mercer, the humane thing that all humans had to do was to throw a life preserver to the person. And, according to him, Canada was doing that by taking 25,000 Syrian “refugees”.

[Read:  Mass “Refugee” Migration Is A SHAM]

The more accurate comparison that Mercer should have made was that there were two people in the water. One was a Canadian and the other was a Syrian. The choice that Mercer, the CBC and Ottawa made … was to…

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