Mighty Truth Will Prevail


By Vanishing American II

The CofCC Blog notes the allegations that YouTube and Reddit.com are full of… people who dissent from the received politically correct party line on human differences. In other words, [they’re] ‘racists.’

I think the word should be called the ‘r-word’ in the same fashion that there is an ‘n-word‘ … which is too terrible to utter.

Actually the ‘r-word‘ is offensive for a much more valid reason than the ‘n-word‘. The r-word is meaningless. Its meaning is completely arbitrary, ever-changing (according to the need of the moment) and thus totally without value. Its only value is political… to make outcasts and thought-criminals of those who are dissidents from the official orthodoxy. It has been very effective [this subjective r-word] in silencing many people who are afraid of the opprobrium that is heaped on whoever is the…

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