Embracing Your New Diversity


If you’re a defender of successful 1st World, White Euro-based nations … just think of all that wonderful DIVERSITY and CULTURAL ENRICHMENT you are denying yourselves. Instead of boring, clean, stable and crime-free cities … you could have this:


So … stop being White-privileged racists and embrace our new future without protest or intolerance by introducing 3rd World foreigners to your neighborhood. “Progressive” lib/leftist thinkers are miles ahead in the learning curve, so let’s follow their lead.

  Just look at us … we have Black friends, so we’re not racists!

No passports, no language skills, no work skills and no border controls! But “Welcome to Germany”


50 MILLION Blacks Invited To EUROPE

Haitian Lynch Mobs

Help Haiti??


Italian Town EJECTS Black Foreigners

Importing Jamaican “Culture”

Africa – Not Our Problem

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