Dissolving Canadians To Elect Another


On October 19, 2015, Canada held a Federal election. Justin Trudeau (son of former PM, Pierre Trudeau) won the political race to become the new Canadian Prime Minister under the Liberal banner.

From: Immigration Watch Canada

Statistics Canada’s National Household Survey shows that in 2011, in Ontario, Quebec, and B.C., 31 federal Canadian ridings (precincts)  (22 in Ontario, 1 in Quebec and 8 in British Columbia) had populations in which Visible-Minorities (NON-whites) were the MAJORITY.

Another 15 ridings (precincts) in Ontario, Quebec and British Columbia had between a 40% to 50% Visible Minority (NON-white) population. In other words, those 15 ridings were nearing the status where Visible Minorities were the majority.

Because almost five years have passed since 2011, it is now probable that between 40 to 50 ridings are currently dominated by Visible Minorities (recent NON-white immigrants).


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