The Lifeboat Is Full


Herbert Grubel: Canada should NOT open its doors to the world.

The refugee crisis in Europe has prompted many Canadians to demand that the government admit large numbers of refugees for permanent resettlement. Most of these demands are motivated by humanitarian sentiments, but they are also supported by libertarians who argue for unlimited immigration on the grounds that it would benefit all Canadians, just like it has in the past, creating a country of social harmony, high incomes and a quality of life that is one of the best in the world.

A sampling of African invaders who will now “benefit” Germany and “create a country of social harmony”. Only gullible fools believe in those naive sentiments. White European nations already HAD countries of social harmony BEFORE the arrival of these incongruent foreigners.

The [National] Post’s Terence Corcoran recently made this argument (‘Open our doors to the…

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