Muhammad Ali Spoke The Truth (1971)


Muhammad Ali, who engaged in more 'fight of th...Muhammad Ali (More recent photo)

The video at the bottom of this post is from an earlier time before Marxist-inspiredpolitical-correctness” began suppressing freedom of speech.

Muhammad Ali  (born Cassius Clay, Jr.) is a most noteworthy man when speaking very candidly about miscegenation in the 1971 BBC interview .

The White British interviewer didn’t capture the basic essence in this race-mixing dialogue with Ali, and instead assumed the role of appearing noblesse oblige who failed to “keep it real.

I use the term “noblesse oblige” loosely and with a derisive tone … meaning he played a condescending role tainted with an accepted hypocritical stance before a public audience.

Noblesse oblige” is a French noun sometimes used to imply that people with wealth, power, or prestige have certain responsibilities attached to their influence. Then the false premise of “white guilt”…

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