B.B.C. On Race Mixing


This video clip demonstrates how the BBC (British Broadcasting Corporation) subtly approves of  miscegenation, thus leaving the impression that race-mixing is a perfectly “natural” phenomenon, when in fact , most people — if they’re being honest, find it thoroughly unnatural.

[See: What Is Miscegenation]

I questioned homosexuality and miscegenation, ...

During the interview phase of the White woman who spawned several racially-mixed children from 3 different absentee sperm-donors, there was no mention how she financially supported her mixed-race brood.  The question was carefully avoided by the BBC, so it’s safe to assume that the British tax slave has the “honour” of keeping her brood afloat.

The BBC is a brainwashing tool of the “New World Order”, and one task is persuading gullible White people to commit racial suicide through uncontrolled mass 3rd-world immigration, and thus to race mix their genes.

[See: Diminishing WHITE Britain]


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