Aging IMMIGRANTS Tax Canada


By Martin Collacott, Vancouver Sun

The federal government has taken major steps to reduce a massive backlog of applications from IMMIGRANTS wanting to sponsor their (FOREIGN) parents and grandparents to come to Canada.

[See:   Oldsters Make Me Sick ]

At the same time, it introduced new rules requiring sponsors to take greater financial responsibility for parents or grandparents who immigrate to Canada. While these changes represent a significant improvement over what had been in place, they still come at a massive cost to the public purse.

 [How much you ask? Read this:]

By 2011, a backlog of more than 160,000 sponsored parents and grandparents was waiting to enter Canada.

At existing admission rates, most would have waited years before being allowed to come here.
The program is so popular, in fact, — it was estimated the queue could reach half-a-million (500,000

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2 thoughts on “Aging IMMIGRANTS Tax Canada

  1. I wonder if that will all change under the new Trudeau regime. That happened years ago in Australia when a Labor govt. opened the doors to all the old grannies from S.E.Asia to come and live with their families as child minders. We were lumbered with paying their pensions and hospital bills within a few years of their arrival.

    1. Under Canada’s newly-elected Liberal government, it’s more likely Trudeau and company will raise the obeisance level to new heights where young or old immigrants are concerned. Similar to Australians, Canadians just remain mute and pay the bills.

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