You pay into refugees’ savings accounts! Contractors manage the money

Refugee Resettlement Watch

This week I had a discussion with another refugee program investigator and the subject of Office of Refugee Resettlement matched saving accounts came up and I decided I better say something about it again so that our many new readers would know about this little pot of your tax dollars that helps refugees buy cars, homes, businesses and higher education.

masked-piggy-bank-300x300 Oink!

Over the years I’ve heard of low income Americans complaining about refugees getting cars from the government.

Seems preposterous doesn’t it?

You’ve heard of Obama phones, right?  Well, this is about Obama cars (there were Bush cars too!).  It isn’t quite that straight forward; refugees aren’t given cars outright as they were with the phones. But, you do in fact help pay for refugees to get cars.

The refugee must save something toward the car and then you kick in some of your cash to match it.

The program…

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