The Age of Lies


Family watching television, c. 1958 1958

By Vanishing American


Jean-Francois Revel’s phrase ”a continuous torrent of messages” is especially apt for today’s media, in which there is ”news” fed to us around the clock, 7 days a week. And the torrent of messages is not confined to the sordid ”news channels” on TV or the dead tree media, but it pervades the ”entertainment” arm of the media. It’s obvious to anybody who dissents in the least from the official propaganda that movies, TV shows, and even (especially) commercials carry messages, sometimes in rather sneaky subliminal form.

Even among blogs — created by individuals — the leftist globalist message is omnipresent.

I read a number of blogs on art, antiques, decorating, history, and various oddities, and the default position among those Blogs is that of multiculturalism, one-worldism, egalitarianism, feminism, and pro-homosexuality. These ideas invade even…

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