Europe has not yet developed the backbone that Australia has in blocking invasion

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More ‘Invasion of Europe’ news…..

This is yet one more story about the invasion of Europe and how the continent is bracing for the next onslaught of migrants from North Africa as spring advances, but near the end of the Breitbart piece the answer to the dilemma is clear to all who are willing to see it—the invaders must be blocked as Australia is demonstrating!

European Union countries are bringing the migrants ashore, while Australia sends them back to the country from which they launched (the best way to save lives at sea!). Photo:

From Breitbart(first the same old stuff!):

It is “relatively easy” for jihadists to gain access to the European Union by coming with an influx of refugees, the head of the European Union’s counter-terrorism group has warned.

Although jihadists have to this point seemed to find no difficulty in slipping between Europe and the Islamic…

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2 thoughts on “Europe has not yet developed the backbone that Australia has in blocking invasion

  1. Yes, for now Australia is leading the race to turn back the boats. There are 10,000 illegal wannabes kicking their heels now in Indonesian ports thoroughly pissed off at their once easy route to Australia has been blocked by the Australian navy.

    Problem is we’re reliant on the erstwhile cooperation of the Indonesian government, never a willing participant in border control. Their excuse was that they couldn’t in good faith stop their fellow co-religionists from the Middle East and Afghanistan coming in to their country, nor monitor their ongoing plans.

    Anyway hopefully the moratorium on leaky boats leaving Javanese ports holds. Otherwise we may have to start shooting them out the water. It would only take a couple of incidents for them to realise we’re deadly serious about illegal incursions to our country.

    1. It’s always the White man’s nations that attract pretend “refugees” who would never gain entry through the legal immigration route. So crashing through the back door is their only option. This deplorable “refugee” business is only going to escalate exponentially, so its only prudent to clamp down now! If Australia takes the lead, then other western nations will have no other choice but to follow.

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