That’s Not What’s Happening

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New York City


New York City, once notorious for high crime, broke a record on Thursday with no murders reported for 10 straight days, police said.

The historic calm achieved at 12:01 a.m. Thursday comes on the heels of a notable year – murders in New York City in 2014 fell to an all-time low of 328, the fewest since the New York Police Department started keeping reliable records in 1963.

“Everybody is behaving,” said Sergeant Daniel Doody of the New York City Police Department.


It is part of a decades-long fall in overall U.S. crime, with other big cities reporting a drop in violent crime in 2014, including Chicago with its lowest number of murders since 1965.

It’s not that “everybody is behaving,” it’s that ghetto undertow blacks are being shoveled out of New York and Chicago and being dumped on the Fergusons of New York…

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