UNHCR warns that Malta is in deep trouble as Libya implodes; RRW: Clinton, Rice, Power at fault

Refugee Resettlement Watch

Before I report the latest news from poor Malta, let’s remember exactly where the blame lies for the deterioration of Libya—it falls squarely on the United Nations and Obama’s “humanitarian Vulcans”***—Hillary Clinton, Samantha Power and Susan Rice—as I reported here in 2011 and more recently, here.

The three reasons (Rice, Clinton, Power) Libya is an Islamic hellhole that could easily become the newest ISIS acquisition! Photo: http://www.inquisitr.com/694431/samantha-power-the-most-appalling-and-terrifying-presidential-nomination-in-decades-commentary/

(To our US readers, I will get back to refugee news from America, but Europe’s death spiral is rapidly speeding up at the moment and we must report on it.)

From the Times of Malta where the UN tells Malta it must “integrate” the migrants and others.  How many ISIS fighterswill be among them?   Malta Patriots prepare!

The local representative of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees Jon Hoisaeter has urged Malta to prepare…

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