Somali Parents Make Their Usual Demands – Portland, Oregon

The Somali refugees sign say: “We Are The Future”?? Is this a joke or a parody on words?

Look back to the 1950s before the personal computer age to see how middle-class Americans lived their lives, and then followed by the 1960s when American technological innovation and design somehow managed to send men on a return trip to the moon while Somalis and other backward African peoples’ homes were made of mud and cow dung.

Now fast-forward 50-60 years into the future, and we have illiterate, low-IQ, 3rd-world African refugees landing on U.S. soil claiming THEY “are the future“?? These incongruent foreigners supported by American welfare programs can’t seem to grasp the notion of how silly they look when making these absurd claims.

A series of videos showing American lifestyles in the 1950s.

Refugee Resettlement Watch

If you are an educator or just a taxpayer in a Somali “welcoming” town, this is a story for you.   In Portland, Oregon, Somali activists want a dual language program for their children, many of whom are ‘graduating’ from high school, but without a diploma!  I didn’t even know there was such a thing!  Do they just age-out?

The MRG Foundation, billed as Oregon’s leading funder of the ‘social justice’ movement gave these Somali youths a grant.

Here is the story at the Street Roots News.    Apparently the recent wave (it is very large) of new Somali refugees are especially illiterate.

There are nearly 500 Somali youth currently attending Portland Public Schools (PPS), and since 2010, they’ve combined to make the district’s third largest immigrant community, behind Hispanics and Vietnamese. More than half don’t speak any English, and some had little, if any, formal education prior to moving…

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