Japan Prefers Racial Homogeneity


Tarō Asō (September 20, 1940 - ) was a politic... Taro Aso (Born 1940)

The Globe and Mail


Despite its wealth and democracy, JAPAN has one of the world’smostintolerantregimes forrefugees and immigrants.

And despite its labour shortages and declining population, the government still shows little interest in allowing more foreigners in.

From 1982 to 2004, Japan accepted only 313refugees, less than 10 per cent of those who applied. Even after its rules were slightly liberalized in 2004, it allowed only 46 refugees in the following year. Last year it accepted only 34 of the 954 applicants.

Those numbers are tiny in comparison with Canada, which accepted more than 42,000 refugeeslast year, despite having a much smaller population than Japan.


Japan’s attitude toward immigrants is equally unwelcoming. It has one of the industrialized world’s lowest rates of accepting immigrants. Only about 1per cent

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