Japan Simply Rejects Mass Immigration


By Jared Taylor


[This article was originally posted Oct. 29, 2003 by Vdare.com so some links may have expired.]

The United Nations, which is staffed largely with Third-Worlders, loves to publish reports about how the West is withering away and can save itself only with immigration from, of course….. the Third-World! 

English: The United Nations Security Council C...

Japan is another rich country the U.N. wants to help repopulate. If current trends continue, it says, there will be only 90 million Japanese by 2050. The Japanese government says the correct figure is about 103 million, but no one doubts the long-term trend is down. There will be fewer Japanese and more old people. 

The New York Times recently carried a typically condescending article telling us that the question is “whether this country remains an economic powerhouse or its population shrivels and the slow fade of the Japanese economy turns into a rout.” Quoting a

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