Crisis and Opportunity


Samuel J. Phillips

White advocates are the most despised minority in the world.

Throughout the post-West, “racist” is used as a slur by both conservatives and progressives.  Even loose affiliations with proscribed figures or organizations can doom a political career.  The vast majority of whites, out of fear, desire for conformity, or sincere conviction, believe that “racism” is a sin, perhaps only rivaled by murder.

“Racism” may actually be worse…as even, serial killer and cannibal Jeffrey Dahmer thought it was important that people know he was no “racist” and didn’t choose his victims for that reason.

If it is suspected that you are a “racist”, your friends, family and colleagues may shun… or even attack you.  Even the most capable and effective of the few spokesmen for white advocacy are either smeared or ignored by the mainstream media.

Nonetheless, white advocates dominate political discourse in the United…

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