Nonwhite Murderer Who Beheaded Bus Passenger 7 Years Ago Gets UNSUPERVISED Release


vince li

There are two issues associated with the release of insane murderer Vince Li by Canadian authorities. One is race, the other is public safety.

Vince Li’s ethnicity is most likely Asian. Canada is full of Asians today as a result of her race traitor government’s multicultural policies. Genrerally, Canada’s gooks are a peaceful lot, although they take jobs away from those born in Canada and they drive up real estate prices, making homes less affordable to young white families.

Would a white male be given the type of unsupervised release that Li has been given? Absolutely not. Canada would throw away the key and keep a white male in a dank, dark dungeon somewhere until he died.

But a commitment to multiculturalism creates all sorts of unexpected disparities. Li’s unsupervised release is one…

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Shelbyville, Emporia, Richmond (oops Roanoke), Helsinki, it’s the same story

Refugee Resettlement Watch

Thanks to reader ‘Bill’ who has set me straight and it’s not Richmond, it’s Roanoke!

What a coincidence that this story should pop up the day after we reported the conflicts on-going in RichmondRoanoke between Somali refugees and local black American citizens.   This story is from Finland. 

A Finnish family complained that an immigrant family in the apartment below them was playing music too loud. The immigrants denied the accusation: they said that as devout Muslims they do not even listen to music.

The Finnish mother had tried to approach the immigrant family to discuss about the noise, but the approach was perceived as a racist attack. 

In Finland they think they have the problem solved with mediation.  

The conflict concerning noise, which was mediated by Mohamed, was resolved when it was noted that the sound insulation in the building was inadequate, and should be upgraded in connection with…

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Finland begins to close the door to refugees

Refugee Resettlement Watch

While Sweden still lives in la-la land, the Finnish people are not so naive….

Although Finland didn’t take very many refugees to begin with, I wonder if that brutal murdercommitted allegedly by a Somali in a small town pub had anything to do with Finnish feelings toward asylum seekers.

American readers take note, in Finland, communities have a say about taking refugees while in America the State Department and its contractors are constantly scouting out new and unsuspecting towns and you will get refugees dropped off with little notice if you aren’t continually on watch.

From Sputnik International:

Finnish municipalities have significantly cut quotas on receiving refugees from foreign countries.

Tundra Tabloids has been following the migration (the Hijra) to Scandinavia for years.

Refugee quotas have significantly been reduced by Finnish municipalities, with just 40 of them signaling readiness to receive refuges, local media outlets reported.

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That’s Not What’s Happening

Countenance Blog

New York City


New York City, once notorious for high crime, broke a record on Thursday with no murders reported for 10 straight days, police said.

The historic calm achieved at 12:01 a.m. Thursday comes on the heels of a notable year – murders in New York City in 2014 fell to an all-time low of 328, the fewest since the New York Police Department started keeping reliable records in 1963.

“Everybody is behaving,” said Sergeant Daniel Doody of the New York City Police Department.


It is part of a decades-long fall in overall U.S. crime, with other big cities reporting a drop in violent crime in 2014, including Chicago with its lowest number of murders since 1965.

It’s not that “everybody is behaving,” it’s that ghetto undertow blacks are being shoveled out of New York and Chicago and being dumped on the Fergusons of New York…

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UNHCR warns that Malta is in deep trouble as Libya implodes; RRW: Clinton, Rice, Power at fault

Refugee Resettlement Watch

Before I report the latest news from poor Malta, let’s remember exactly where the blame lies for the deterioration of Libya—it falls squarely on the United Nations and Obama’s “humanitarian Vulcans”***—Hillary Clinton, Samantha Power and Susan Rice—as I reported here in 2011 and more recently, here.

The three reasons (Rice, Clinton, Power) Libya is an Islamic hellhole that could easily become the newest ISIS acquisition! Photo:

(To our US readers, I will get back to refugee news from America, but Europe’s death spiral is rapidly speeding up at the moment and we must report on it.)

From the Times of Malta where the UN tells Malta it must “integrate” the migrants and others.  How many ISIS fighterswill be among them?   Malta Patriots prepare!

The local representative of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees Jon Hoisaeter has urged Malta to prepare…

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