The “Real” South Africa


By John Morse

A stunning article appeared in the Daily Mail of October 30th.

Written by Ross Benson, reporting first-hand from Johannesburg, it lifts the lid on the near-collapse ofSouth AfricasinceWhite-rule ended in 1994.


And how may one measure that catastrophe? South Africa’s regression towards primeval barbarism, which Benson details, is quite neatly summarised at the head of his article:

“A woman is raped every 28 seconds, qualified doctors are leaving in droves, while beggars and goats have set up home in the marble foyers of derelict banks. South Africa today has become a nation on the edge of self-destruction.”

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For all intents and purposes, law and order has broken down in South Africa. Any sense of security no longer exists. Says Benson of the country’s crime:-

Farmers are butchered in their fields. The…

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