FINLAND Heading Towards Disaster


Updated FINNISH News: SOMALIAN refugee hacks two men to death in a Finnish pub.

(Finnish politicianJussi Halla-aho, is greatly concerned over his native country’s current turn of events as seen in this short interview.  Halla-aho maintains a Finnish Language Blog titled SCRIPTA and deals with issues such as immigration, multi-culturalism, tolerance, etc.

English: Jussi Halla-aho. Suomi: Jussi Halla-a...Jussi Halla-aho His blog has between 3,000 and 6,000 readers per day.) “It’s just obvious that you can’t have free immigration AND a welfare state.”  Milton Friedman

Other neighbouring European nations are bent on suicidal race-displacement policies, now FINLAND is on the same road of destruction by allowing incompatible, low IQ, 3rd-world NON-whites almost unrestricted access to their small WhiteEuropean nation of just over 5 Million people.

Updated FinlandNews2015:

SOMALI Refugee Murders TWO Finnish men with an axe:

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