600,000 “Refugees” Since 1987


A satellite composite image of Canada.


A key fact in any refugee claimant story should be the enormous number of people who have made refugee claims in Canada.

Around 600,000 “refugees” have done so in the past 18 to 20 years. Most Canadians do not know this because they depend on information from reporters and editors who write about “refugees”. The problem is that these people seem to know almost nothing about the refugee or immigration issue. 

Most reporters and editors seem to think that their job is finished when they have finished interviewing a failed refugee claimant and his supporters. Little attention is given to non-immigration industry viewpoints or to the bigger picture. Many reporters and editors seem unaware that the refugee claimant process has turned into a second and relatively easy way of getting into Canada.

Many claimants have abused this process which was originally intended for people who have a genuine fear…

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